998-Chelsea Market – New York City

We decided to stay in the Chelsea area of the city since we had never stayed in that part of town before. We decided to take a stroll on Saturday morning to see the neighborhood and fell into the world famous Chelsea Flea Market on West 25th St. This is the last of the golden age of flea markets that used to be common in this area of the city. The inventory in this former parking garage included about everything you could imagine in small carry-away items as well as amazing vintage clothing. The place was filled with NYC characters and was a kick to visit. Next time in the city this will be a planned destination.

998-Chelsea Market17Buy me or I’ll bite you.

998-Chelsea Market16One of the vendors.

998-Chelsea Market15

Another vendor.

998-Chelsea Market14Vintage Vintage clothes anyone?

998-Chelsea Market13Persian rugs?

998-Chelsea Market121940’s porn?

998-Chelsea Market11

998-Chelsea Market10Stolen watches?

998-Chelsea Market9

998-Chelsea Market8

998-Chelsea Market7Then there is this guy.

998-Chelsea Market6These old Russians in their cossack hats arguing about nothing.

998-Chelsea Market5

998-Chelsea Market4

998-Chelsea Market3

998-Chelsea Market2

998-Chelsea Market1