1494-Alien Spacecraft? – Area 51, NV

In recent history there are secret airplanes the military has developed and tested at Groom Lake or Area 51. The public didn’t know about any of these for many years after they were fully operational. The U-2 first flew in the late 1950’s. The F-117 first flew in 1981. The B-2 bomber first flew in 1989. What do you think the military has been working on since? The Aurora plane pictured below has been reported flying at mach 17. Since the cancellation of the Space Shuttle, the military has developed manned and unmanned space planes that can enter outer space and return like the shuttle. It has been reported that saucer shaped vehicles are also under development using alternative propulsion systems that are totally unknown to the general public. We are in the dark yet see alien ship everywhere – 95% of them are ours!!!
But, what about the other 5%???

U-2 spy plane circa 1950’s

F-117 circa 1981.

B-1 bomber circa 1982.

Aurora space plane at mach 17 – circa NOW???

And what about this unique anti-gravity propulsion system – circa NOW???