1495-Area 51 – Las Vegas, NV

I‘ve always had interest in aliens, extraterrestrials, and the secret space program operated by the Air Force out at Groom Lake, NV commonly known as Area 51. So on a recent trip to Las Vegas I ventured out with a group to get as close as I could to Area 51 and maybe be abducted. The drive was about 150 miles north from Las Vegas headed towards Ely, NV on the Extraterrestrial Highway (yea its named that). There are two gates to Area 51 and I got as close to the back gate as I could before I would be shot. If you cross the indicated lines at the gate they have the right to use deadly force. Nobody crossed the gate line. There were no alien craft within sight, but we all were watched from the minute we left the main highway and entered the dirt road. Eyes in the sky, road vibration detectors, mountain top observation posts as well as hidden armed guards at the gate watching the entire group through high mounted television cameras. It was cool to taunt the man at the most secret military base in the world.

Area 51 is the secret base where all of the latest military spy planes have been developed and tested. Around this area many people claim to spot alien craft all the time. But after hearing a lecture on what is going on at the secret base I would say that 95% of alien craft spotted near here are our own.  The U-2 was developed in secret here. The Lockheed F-117A was developed in secret here. The B-2 was developed in secret here. So you wonder what is being developed here now.

Check out this link for further research and history on Area 51.


I’m on the Extraterrestrial Highway with my tinfoil hat ready for my abduction.

This is the back gate to Area 51.

They should have shot me by now.

These camera on the posts followed all of us the entire time we were at the gate.
Little military boys with big rifles were hiding the in the building keeping the area safe.

Mountain top surveillance scanned the entire desert alerting the military boys of intruders.

Behind the guard shack were Russian radar sites. No they weren’t real Russians, but exact Russian radar systems that could be used to test any radar avoiding secret spy aircraft that was being developed at Area 51.

Another view of the guarded gate.

Rachel, NV is the local town on the outskirts of the road to the back gate. There is a little restaurant with friendly people to cater to the alien space craft hunters.

Okay, they’re hunting for aliens with an old tow truck and two retired satellite dishes.