1014-Grizzly Bear

I kept my eyes peeled for creatures on the entire trip waiting for a cool one like this. 1,000 Grizzley … More


I was sitting in my office at the university when my old friend saw the light on and wanted to … More

1005-Iditarod 2013-Dogs

The dogs are the athletes at the Iditarod race. Here are some of the handsome beats at their best. [vimeo … More

889-Moose in Office

One afternoon I was sitting in my office when out of the corner of my eye a dark shadow blocked … More


A few weeks ago I had my battle with the bear in my driveway. I sent the photo around and … More

884-Baby Moose

Walking at the end of my street one afternoon I spotted this trio. Does it not get any cuter then … More

664-Flat Stanley

My seven year old niece Layla had a class project called Flat Stanley. It is similar in respect to the … More

616-Moose – Anchorage, AK

Young moose are every where this winter. This two-year-old has been hanging around the university since he was born. He’s … More