Me at four years old. Yo, where the bitches at?  

1485-Train Horn Madness

Janine has a long-time friend who lives in Florida along with her brother Eddie who lives across the street. We … More

1484-Street People

We live at the beach in South Orange County, CA where there is a small homeless population. One of their … More

1482-The South

My boys are electrical lineman and are currently working in the Southern states. They know I like crazy photos on … More

1481-License Plates

Here are some of the interesting license plates I’ve seen on the road. This was on a large SUV. Then … More

1480-Vice President

This last semester I ran for Vice President of the Academic Senate at school. I am fairly new at the … More

1479-Bucket Truck Ride

My two boys are electrical lineman and they have always promised me a ride in their bucket truck. We visited … More


This is a potpourri of crazy photos that really didn’t fit anywhere else. Electrical box in Sacramento, CA I have … More

1360-Star Trek

I was in the Canada Post his morning buying some stamps and noticed the new stamps they are selling. 50th … More

1312-License Plates

California has quite the band of mutants driving it’s roadways – all trying to out “cute” each other. I remember … More

1311-Southern Signs

I’ve trained my boys well. They are electrical linemen and are now working in the Florida and other nearby Southern … More

1273-Scary Mom

Finally found one of these moms whose family was working through their fear of mortality by advertising it to the … More

1239-Left Hand Eating

After twelve days on the bike I developed what is called “throttle hand.” Even though the bike has a mechanical … More


I received this email from Bank of America wanting me to create a “SiteKey” for my account. They wanted me … More