882-South East Aisa

This last March Janine and I visited Thailand and Cambodia and made a quick stop off in Hong Kong on … More

848-Hong Kong Harbor

On our way back from Thailand and Cambodia we stopped off for a short visit in Hong Kong. It sure … More

847-Hong Kong Ferry

The ferry was cheap and easy to ride. This was a Sunday so the masses were not present going to … More

845-Hong Kong Mr Hung

I thought it a little over the top to advertise one’s attributes when attempting to do commerce. But, a few … More

844-Hong Kong Mural

Janine wanted to show me this amazing hand woven tapestry displayed in the Shangri-La Hotel lobby. It is fifteen stories … More

842-Hong Kong Food

Had a wonderful meal at a five star restaurant in the Shangri-La Hotel. We only had appetizers and soup along … More

840-Hong Kong Apple

Being an Apple computer guy I had to laugh when I saw the huge Apple store on a Sunday morning. … More