Follow Along – Tok, AK

Making the final 330 mile push into Anchorage, tomorrow. Today was one of the most challenging of riding days. The road from Destruction Bay to the border was extremely rough and there was over 30 miles of loose gravel, dust, mud, and guided convoys through one-lane roads and heavy equipment. I have road tires on the bike and not big knobby off road tires. The enemy of road tires is loose gravel and slick mud. I was in second or third gear for most of the time trying to stay on the road – for hours.

For the past five days I have been in British Columbia, the Yukon and now Tok, AK. Internet ahas been most difficult. Can’t upload anything larger than this simple post. I have a ton of videos and photos that will be coming soon as soon as I get to civilization.

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MapCurrent location – Tok, AK

DSCN5426They let me back in.