1042-Going To Hell?

I was in the gym here in Southern California last week and ended my routine in the sauna. While I was in sweating away I remember a disturbing incident that occurred in the sauna in Anchorage, AK a few years earlier. For several weeks the Russian Orthodox Church was attempting to de-frock the head of the Alaska chapter of the church. His photo was always in the newspaper and other priests were continually accusing him of bizarre decisions and punitive actions he had taken on others. This priest just happened to be a member of my gym. and was often there. So here is where it gets weird. I apparently stayed in the sauna too long one evening and felt a little dizzy. I left the sauna and went to sit on the benches to cool down. All of a sudden I found my self flat on my back looking straight up at a scary-ass dude who was leaning over me asking if I was alright. I looked into his face and in a daze said to myself “OH SHIT, it’s the Devil. I’ve died at the gym and gone to the bad place. I’ve totally fucked up.” My head became more clear as I realized I had passed out from the sauna and that it wasn’t the Devil looking over me but this priest who was in the newspaper everyday. I was grateful I didn’t die at the gym because that’s not how I want to go. But I want to show you photos of the priest and let you make the decision if you passed out and woke up with this guy in your face would you think you had died and gone to the bad side. Check it out.

bionikolaiHe wore rubber bands in his beard at the gym

bishop-nikolai-soraichTrying to be Gandalf.