1493-Groom Lake – Las Vegas, NV

Area 51 or Groom Lake is located in central Nevada surrounded by an Air Force base and the old Nevada nuclear testing site. With it’s naturally formed dry lake bed, it is the perfect secret air plane development space. With only two gates to enter the secret desert facility, security can be really tight. So who is working there? A few workers enter through the two gates in busses, but most of the 1,500 workers are flown in daily from Las Vegas on Janet Airlines – a private airline based at the Las Vegas airport. Janet is said to stand for “Just Another Non-existent Terminal.” Oh, those secret guys make up some pretty annoying shit. Check out the location maps to Area 51. Maybe someday you will have an interest in being abducted (by our own government).

This is where Area 51 is located. Smack center of an Airfare base and
the old nuke testing sites.

This is the proximity to Las Vegas. About 150 miles north.

Getting closer to the back gate to Area 51.

This is the back gate to Area 51.

Yes you get their on the Extraterrestrial Highway.

This is the back gate and near it are Russian radar installations.

This is Groom Lake and the runways associated with the sector base.

A closer look at the secret base.

This is Janet Airlines bases at the Las Vegas airport – the six
737 planes that ferry workers to Area 51 each day.