I DID IT!!! – Mexico to Prudhoe Bay, AK!!!

I did it!!! I made it to Prudhoe Bay, AK.

Follow along with this link:


10 Most Dangerous Roads in the World

  • Pan American Highway (South America)
  • Sichaun-Tibet Highway (China)
  • James Dalton Highway (Alaska)
  • Siberian Road to Yakutsk (Russia)
  • Guoliang Tunnel Road (China)
  • Zoji Pass (India)
  • North Yungas Road (Bolivia)
  • Fairy Meadows Road (Pakistan)

Yup I made it!!!

Had to stop for this one.

On the road to Prudhoe Bay – Deadhorse, AK.

Parked in Janine’s garage.

On ferry headed to Haines, AK

In the Yukon.

In the Utah desert.