1043-Santa Returns

Yes, I was the Santa this year for our Division family Xmas party. I got suckered into being Santa since I was the new faculty member. The children were very excited to see Santa and most enjoyed having their photo taken. But there were always a couple of malcontents who were freaked about getting near a fat old perv in a red suit. (all photos by Victor Manchik – you can’t be Santa and take the photos)

1042-Santa2Merry Xmas. Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum.
(is that right?)

1042-Santa3Central casting, central casting, send in the perfect family to sit with Santa.

1042-Santa4Office crew with boss (no, Santa is not the boss). Dude in back with antlers.

1042-Santa5Santa with the boss. He was supposed to be Santa this year but told me even he couldn’t accept an Asian Santa.

1042-Santa6The children had a room where they could color Xmas pictures. In the middle of all of the photos,
little Michael ran up to show Santa his creation and give a big hug.


1042-Santa8He was so proud of his picture.

Santa giving out gifts to all the families.

1042-Santa9Santa with nutritional supplement.

santa6Where I received my training – with the real Santa and Mrs. Claus
in North Pole, AK
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